Phases to Go Through During Test Process Consulting

There are many testing service providers catering premium quality test process consulting services and other testing parameters in an appropriate manner following test cycle standards. There are few phases to be followed while conducting test process consulting and in this post, the phases have been entailed in a brief manner.

• Initially, it is mandatory for the testing professionals to do thorough analysis and study of the documented and undocumented procedures and their respective implementations to acknowledge the positives and limitations of a specific testing framework.

• With all required and gathered knowledge, test experts used to collect information related to testing needs, processes, benefits and limitations of existing processes and system prerequisites.

• Analysis and evaluation has to be done at this stage to assess the latest and present testing methodologies to compare the actual performance with the potential one and to have a clear idea on the same.

• After analysis, it is needed to generate the variance and standard reports, cost and vulnerability analysis reports and risk benefit analysis reports.

• The robust yet scalable testing procedures defined as governed by industry’s best practices has to be standardized and consistent across all the testing pacts.

• The new defined testing process will be the outcome of the study, research and analysis conducted on the existing frameworks and methodologies. In fact, it is created considering the thorough evaluation of ROI of the business and industry on this front.

• Training session is conducted requiring knowledge transfer and guiding the team about the new standard process definition and specification, adopting testing framework methodology. The final product of the training session will be a training program at this stage.

• Then the stage of process implementation comes in which the testing professionals launch the new testing process as a prototype to magnify the success rate of the finished product tailored according to the measurement repository, process assets and recommended testing procedures.

• Different checks and audits were conducted to acknowledge the efficiency and performance of new procedures. The final end product of the audit will go through assessment criteria’s, spot check reports and non compliance reports.

• Final determination is carried on to measure the last run on the capabilities of the new testing procedure. At this stage, the test experts consolidate the information collected from every phase of the testing and shared with others as sign off.

In a shell, it is highly advised to start the software testing actions at the initial stage only in the entire software development process. It helps in analyzing and fixing the issues at early stage of development thus saving lot of time and effort at later stage. In addition, it is must for software developers and professionals to stay updated with the latest technological know-how’s to utilize the software tools for better and improved results.

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