Internet Marketing Rules For Success

I intend to post several articles about Internet Marketing Rules for Success.

The reason being is that there is too much to say in just one short article. What I will not be covering is traffic. I have written a few articles about this subject so just go and have a look at them.

What makes a successful internet marketer?

There are many things such as:

A great website
Great content
Interaction with the readers
In this article I will be looking at how to structure a website.

A website is more than just a random list of words. There has to be a certain flow to it. You have to guide people through your website. You have to make sure that they look at the important information.

Let us look at the website structure.

The first thing you need to do before anything else is make your website appealing to your visitors. How you do this will depend on the visitors it is targeted towards. If it is targeted towards an older person then you will not want flashy graphics. If it is targeted towards a younger person then you need to have something that will appeal to younger person. Make sure however that it is all in keeping with the title of your post. That is most probably what caused them to click on it in the first place so that is what they came to see.

Have a sentence or two to tell them what they can expect from the website.

Next you have to make the web site flow naturally. Do not jump from one topic to another. Give them the content they are expecting. You have to guide them through your website. Make them look at what you want them to look at. Highlight interesting text. Draw their attention to certain areas. Make them feel in control.

Never force them to do something.

It will make them feel uneasy. Make it an enjoyable experience. If they enjoy it they will be more like to remember it and come back again. They are more likely to discuss it with their friends. That is one of the keys to getting viral traffic. Internet marketing is a numbers game. The higher the numbers of visitors you can get to your site, the higher the number of sales you are likely to make.

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