Become a Fashion Designer – The Basics

Do you have what it takes to become a fashion designer? This is a question that many have asked themselves only to be discouraged when they found out what is really involved. Don’t be discouraged. Knowledge is power and when you arm yourself with the knowledge needed to succeed in the fashion industry you will be prepared. Read as much as you can about the fashion industry. Simple but effective resources are fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Glamour. These are just a few magazines to get familiar with but there are tons more to use as research for treads and fashion.

You must have talent in sketching, designing and sewing. Most up-and-coming designers will do all three and probably do them well. Once you become a fashion designer who is well known and famous you will only design and someone else will do the sewing for you but until then be prepared to do it all. It is best that you know how to do all three as you may have to step in and get a garment ready on short notice. This field is full of short notice surprises so be prepared to shift gears as needed.

Many top designers didn’t start out designing. Vera Wang began designing wedding gowns only after she couldn’t find one she liked. Now she is a well known wedding gown designer. Laura Ashley started as a secretary before becoming a designer. You can do it! Just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward toward your goal.

The best way to become a fashion designer is to enroll in a design college. In a structured environment like a fashion college, you will learn everything you need to succeed in this competitive profession. You will give yourself a head start by going to school and learning things like pattern making and design. You will also learn about the other areas of fashion that you may be able to enter when you set out on your career. Be prepared to produce examples of your work during the application process.

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